Your Diploma Wasn’t Issued By God

I am gonna shoot me a psychiatrist one of these days, I swear…

So The Girl started the adolescent day hospital program today, after her assessment Tuesday when it was discovered she’d started cutting. Mind you, she started on Monday. She’d never, ever cut before that.

At intake Tuesday, the pdoc that heard info about The Girl OVER THE PHONE from a social worker who did the intake recommended she be enrolled in the self-injury day hospital program. I said no, because that is not her primary issue. Her primary issue is that she as a severe attachment disorder, possibly depression, and she thrives on negative attention. So the social worker enrolled her in the adolescent day program which covers depression, anxiety, and other issues. This is the same pdoc who, again, OVER THE PHONE, determined last November that The Girl should be in an eating disorder day program because she expressed that she was trying to become anorexic. Again, I said no, but took her to see a pdoc that specializes in eating disorders for 10 weeks who, low and behold, last week said, “you’re right, she doesn’t have an eating disorder or other body image issue.”

I just got a call from a grad student working in the program and was told the pdoc – the one who’d only heard about The Girl OVER THE PHONE for 10 minutes, had met with my daughter for 10 minutes today and was transferring her to the self injury program. I said, “no, you’re not transferring her.” The grad student said, “but the doctor said that’s your daughter’s primary issue.” I said, “no, it’s not. She will not be attending the self-injury program, just like she didn’t attend the eating disorder program last Fall.” I explained her attachment disorder, her craving of negative attention, and her possible depression. And then I told the grad student that while the pdoc had spent a whopping 15 minutes with my daughter, I’d spend 13 years, so I think I know her a tad better. He put me on hold and called the pdoc.

5 minutes later he said the pdoc “doesn’t agree with your assessment.” I said, “then we’re even.” But he said the pdoc said she didn’t have a problem with The Girl staying in the adolescent program, but she’d need to be assigned a new pdoc because she only does self injury and eating disorders. I haven’t heard news that good in a long time. I requested Tim’s pdoc because with him, we know what we’re getting, and it’s partnership and cooperation, unlike with this egotistical b**ch that didn’t even have the guts to talk to me on the phone.

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