The Mindstorm is a blog about my life raising a child diagnosed with Childhood Onset Schizophrenia, and other childhood onset mental illnesses.


Chrisa Hickey is an eCommerce and digital marketing professional, blogger and mental health advocate specializing in providing education and support for parents of children diagnosed with serious mental health conditions. Chrisa began her journey into the world of childhood onset mental illness when her middle child, Timothy, was diagnosed with Emotional Disorder Not Otherwise Specified at age 7, Bipolar Disorder Type 1 at 8, and schizophrenia at the age of 11.

In addition to writing her blog, Chrisa has guest blogged for the Balanced Mind Foundation, S-O-S Research Blog helping parents of children with special needs, and has appeared on The Ricki Lake Show, NYC Doctors Radio, Blog Talk Radio for HealthyPlace.com and The Coffee Klatch, an online community for parents raising children with special needs. You can follow Chrisa on twitter @ Chrisa_Hickey and follow The Mindstorm on Facebook.


Chrisa began blogging when her therapist suggested she journal her feelings and thoughts about raising a child with a severe mental health condition. Her blog, The Mindstorm, catalogs the day-to-day triumphs and tribulations of raising Timothy, as well as articles on fighting mental health stigma, navigating the Special Education system, sibling issues, and parental self-care.


Her blog reaches nearly 3,000 readers a week, and has received several acknowledgements, including the Wellsphere Top Health Blogger Award, Mental Health Hero Award, Most Touching Blog from WEGO Health, and it was named one of the Top50 Blogs for Special Needs Teachers by OnlineUniversities.com. During May Mental Health Month in 2011, Chrisa was honored by Chato B. Stewart, a cartoonist and contributor to PsychCentral, as a Mental Health Hero for her advocacy for children’s mental health and her fight against the stigma so many with mental health conditions face.  Tim was selected as one of 11 heroes of 2011 by ABC News.