Six Freaking Months

Tim had a bad day yesterday, and I fear we’re seeing the start of the usual Winter cycle.  Apparently he asked for his PRN in the morning because his voices were “loud,” but by 3:30 in the afternoon, they’d worn off.  He got in to it with a new staff member at his group home, so aggressively that the guy called 911 for help because he couldn’t get backup from another group home on the grounds fast enough.  By the time the police got there Tim was calmer, and had another PRN.

Today, his caseworker called me to recap the incident for me, and to discuss Tim seeing a psychiatrist for a possible med change we’ve been discussing for a few weeks.  After last night’s incident, he should be seen by a doctor to review his records from last Winter when his psychosis was heightened to see if we need to tweak meds to help him through this Winter.  BUT – the staff psychiatrist at his RTC retired three months ago, and they haven’t found a replacement for her yet.  His caseworker said they are contracting with Children’s Hospital to fill the gap, but he talked to them today and the first available appointment they have is in March.  MARCH.  That will make six months since Tim, in a Residential Program for kids with mental health issues, has seen a psychiatrist.

His caseworker asked if Tim’s psychiatrist from before RTC would see him, and I said I could call him, but I can pretty much guarantee he won’t tweak any meds if Tim can’t be around to be monitored.  And then I told the caseworker to have an administrator from the RTC call me, because this is bullshit.

So, what do we do now?  While I wait for the administrator to call me, I debate calling our SASS worker to start looking for another RTC for Tim.  I mean, seriously – how can they go SIX FREAKING MONTHS without a staff psychiatrist?  This is my least favorite part of Tim in residential – the feeling that I don’t have any control.

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