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  • Pdoc-Gate Update: Resolution and Research

    So – after that second email letter, and a phone call yesterday, and another phone call today, Tim will finally see a psychiatrist that, amazingly, not only works for the RTC but has her office on the grounds of the RTC Saturday at 1 PM.  This doctor will be able to monitor him until they…

  • Six Freaking Months

    Tim had a bad day yesterday, and I fear we’re seeing the start of the usual Winter cycle.  Apparently he asked for his PRN in the morning because his voices were “loud,” but by 3:30 in the afternoon, they’d worn off.  He got in to it with a new staff member at his group home,…

  • Guess I’ll Go Eat Worms

    Tim’s mad because I can’t come to his basketball game this weekend. Work is full of people who express their opinion in loud, annoying tones. There’s 18 inches of snow in my yard, with 2 more inches coming on Saturday. Gah.