Latest Letter to RTC In No-Pdoc-Gate


I understand you have made an appointment with a psychiatrist employed by your sister company for Tim this Saturday at 1 PM. I have a few questions I would like to ask:

1) is this the psychiatrist who will be regularly monitoring Tim until you hire a permanent doctor?
2) is this a child and adolescent psychiatrist?
3) what is the agenda of the appointment? If it is to discuss med changes, how will this doctor know what a med change should be after one XX minute visit?

My issue isn’t that we don’t have a doctor to make a one-time med adjustment. My issue is that there is NO doctor with ANY history of working with my child, and no PROSPECT of a doctor who will be able to build up the relationship with my child to know when a med tweak would be beneficial.

I understand you asked my husband if we were unhappy with the RTC. In general, no. Tim has been happy there, and has made progress. Our concern is that we were not aware you were STILL without a psychiatrist, and when my son self-advocated for a need to look at his meds, and then had a rage incident because there was no one to do that, YOUR STAFF CALLED THE POLICE. If my son had been arrested or injured, I would have held you liable and responsible. That is what has infuriated me.

My son takes dangerous, FDA regulated, powerful psychotropic medication as part of his treatment plan. And you have no one there who knows anything about it. I personally get phone calls asking if med changes might be in Tim’s best interest. I am NOT a doctor.

This Saturday I was planning to pick up Tim at noon for a weekend home visit that Tony knows about, due to a dentist appointment Tim has with our dentist at home on Monday the 16th (since the dentist you use won’t see Tim anymore). Since I’m coming up anyway, I will be attending the appointment with Tim, wherever it is. I would appreciate the information on where to meet you.

I would also appreciate an answer to our question about the likelihood of room for Tim in the 18+ group home come this summer.

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