Just A Friday Update, No Big Whoop – NBPHM / NaBloPoMo Day 18

Even with the holiday coming, it’s been a pretty good week for Tim.  One rough morning earlier this week when he called Tom and said, “I’m hyper, I’m bouncing, I need you to talk me down,” Tom did.

The staffing call – a quarterly round of BS that we have to endure to keep Tim’s grant – was uneventful.  The RTC gets their new staff psychiatrist next week and I am debating whether to discuss a med change with him/her from Clozaril / Haldol to Saphris.  If you have experience with Saphris, I would LOVE to hear about it – please email me or leave me a comment!

I’m a little blue with Tom gone for a week hunting.  He really needs and deserves his male bonding time with his friends, though.  He takes such good care of us all year he really deserves it.  Besides, the entire family loves venison and our freezer is pretty empty from last year’s single deer.  I miss Tom when he’s gone, especially with Wonderboy overseas.  Wonderboy Skyped me yesterday to say he has a sore throat, he doesn’t feel good, and he misses his mommy and his dog.  I nearly lost it right at my desk.  He will be 21 next week.  Where in the blessed hell does the time go?

I got a letter from our town’s public high school today, asking if Tim would be walking in graduation in June.  I called the office there and reminded him that he wouldn’t be graduating.  I was sorta pissy about it.  The call went something like:

Them: “Hi – just wanted to know if Tim would be joining us for the graduation celebration.”
Me: “He’s not graduating, suckers.  I got you to put it in writing – you signed the IEP that says he’s gonna be a super senior. I’m looking at it right here.  So suck it, high school, you’re stuck with him another four years.” 
Them: “Uh…ok….”

I may be paraphrasing.

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  • Chelle November 18, 2011 at 10:02 pm


    I took Saphris one time and had an absolutely awful experience with it. I felt like I was horrifically drunk and I was having trouble even standing up or talking. My psychiatrist actually had me write him a letter with all of the things that happened to me within a half hour of taking this drug.

    I'm sorry to say something bad about something that may be potentially good for Tim. I have not had very good luck with bipolar medications and have found the older ones to work better than the newer ones for me. It might be different for Tim.

    If you want to ask me more about my experience, you can email me at CNewton724@gmail.com.


  • Chrisa November 18, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    Wow, Chelle, you were taking it for Bipolar? It's a pretty new atypical anti-psychotic. Why would they prescribe that for mood stabilization?

  • formerlyonlyamovie November 24, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    Hi Chrisa – found your blog from CABF.
    I so appreciate your conversation w/ the school – love the paraphrasing. 🙂
    No experience w/ Saphris here – good luck w/ new psychiatrist.
    Have a lovely holiday.