Health Activist Writer’s Monthly Challenge – Word of the Day

Over on WEGO Health, where I am a member and I re-post some of my blog posts, it’s Health Activist Writer’s Monthly Challenge month. Each day of the month is a different prompt and we are challenged to blog as many days in April as we can, using the prompts.  So I’m starting on Day Two because, frankly, I wasn’t feeling Day One, and because Kris of Our Journey Through Life challenged me today!  I can’t promise to blog every day’s prompt, but I will blog the ones that I find interesting.

Here’s the topic for April 2 – go to and use the word of the day in a post.  Today’s WOTD is “unctous,” an adjective, defined as, “excessively smooth, swave, or smug.” That’s one of three definitions (one is oily…eww), so it’s the one I picked.  When I think of how to visualize this word, this is the first thing that comes to mind:

I also think of several of the child and adolescent psychiatrists we’ve encountered over the past decade.  They had that same smug, “I’m more important that you are and you know nothing,” complex that I associate with The Donald.  When I would share ideas and question their recommendations, I’d get either the “oh, honey, no,” look, or the condescending grin while being completely ignored.  And for a while, I took it.  I mean, they had a point, even if they made it in the most irritating manner possible.  I’m not a doctor.  I had no experience with psycho pharmaceuticals or serious mental health conditions.  All I had was an internet connection and a burning desire to do something to help my kid and bring peace to my home.  But I had one trump card (pun intended) over them.  I knew my kid.  And I’d documented all of his issues, in a journal and, in some cases, in video.  It took me about a year to realize that doctors and therapists that didn’t want to partner with me didn’t deserve my money or my or my son’s time. 
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