Category: stress

  • Is It June Yet?

    I am so ready for this month to be over. It’s been quite a May so far for the family.  It started out with a happy change – I switched jobs.  I left a major retailer and went to work for a smaller company with better culture, better career opportunities, and better benefits, albeit with…

  • Rough Week

    I always try and remember this.

  • Body and Mind: Taking a Break

    I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post that my son Tim is in long-term residential treatment. He was admitted last August, and right now, his estimated discharge date is sometime during the summer of 2011. It’s incomprehensible to me that he will be gone from our home that long. I can only digest it in…

  • What Next?

    I’ve just about reached the point where I can’t handle Tom’s self-medicating anymore. Something’s gotta change.