Category: reactive attachment disorder

  • Deja Vu All Over Again

    I swear I’ve had a post with this title before. Spent the day back at the psychiatric hospital with The Girl, again.  She’s not trying to become anorexic anymore. No, someone noticed her arm today when her sleeve was pulled up, and up and down her left arm are cuts.  She admitted to the school…

  • I Am A Rock, I Am An Island

    My daughter – Tim’s adoptive (not biological) sister –  has an Inhibited Attachment Disorder, brought on by years in foster care.  She was shuttled from home to home (as many as 10) before we adopted her 12 years ago, at age 4.   And some days, I wish it was Schizophrenia instead.

  • Help!

    My daughter, who has always displayed some signs of Reactive Attachment Disorder since we adopted her 10 years ago, has now decided she’d rather starve than be around me or Tom. Since December 29, she stayed in her room all day, every day, no food, no drink, no interaction with anyone unless Tom and I…