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  • Columbine and Action

    Columbine and Action

    Did you see Sue Klebold on ABC’s 20/20 last Friday? I watched it twice.

  • One Week

    One Week

    What a week. This week has been Mental Health Awareness Week, as I’m sure you know, and today is World Mental Health Day.  This year’s theme is Living with Schizophrenia, something we know a lot about.   This week was also the week Kelli Stapleton was sentenced to ten to twenty-two years in prison for…

  • Sadness and Wonder

    Sadness and Wonder

    It’s been quite a few interesting days since my last post. Sadness  Tim was discharged from the hospital after a 6 day stay with an increase in his Latuda. He was a bit withdrawn but seemed to be ok until a week later, when he had a violent outburst centered on my and Tom’s trying…