Blessings – Even If They’re In Disguise

I read back over my last few posts a few days ago and realized something….I’m a whiner! Man I can sure whine and bitch when I want to, can’t I? Pathetic! Especially in light of some of the real tragedies and hardships out in the world. The death and chaos in Haiti after the recent earthquake. The poverty and violence in Darfur. The millions of unemployed and uninsured Americans. The Packers losing in the first round of the playoffs (just seeing if you’re paying attention….ha ha).

When I’m stuck in the middle of Tim struggling with his voices and rages, and my daughter being, well, 14, and both me and Tom buckling under a string of days that seem to be out to get us, it’s sometimes hard to remember that we have a pretty good life. We are blessed, really. We have a nice home in a good neighborhood and an excellent school district. We have friends and neighbors we care for and that care for us. We have a large family that, for the most part, is supportive and loving. We have three children that, even with their separate challenges, are amazing, unique individuals. We have enough money to supply us with all that we need and most of what we want. Really, in this life, what more can you ask for?

My New Year’s resolution is to focus on the blessings life has bestowed on me, and try not to be too whiny when there is a string of days that seem to give me more than I can handle. My hope for you is that the blessings of your life are enough to sustain you and buoy you up above the water when you feel you are drowning as well. My life is showered in blessings, even if they sometimes come in disguise.

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  • Kylin January 14, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    Chrisa, you are not whiny in the slightest. This blog is your spot to vent, and without a vent you could end up like a busted pressure cooker. In addition, your blog helps others see what it is truly like, raising children with certain challenges. If you did not portray an accurate picture, with its frustrations, people would probably diminish the importance of understanding and finding treatments for mental illness. But trust me, I know some class act whiners, and you are nothing like them.