Wordless Friday – Just Pictures. NABPM / NaBloPoMo Day 4

Instead of writing about mental illness today, I thought I’d share some pictures of Tim with you.

Here we are, taking him home from the hospital, just 12 hours old. Man, we were YOUNG!
Look at that puffy, red boy, with all that wild hair!
He got cute, fast. He was (is)  a charmer, but you can see that attitude, already.
He has been obsessed with Superman since he was about two years old. Remains so to this day.
This is the, “if I have to look at one more airplane today, someone’s gonna pay,” face.With  his big bro, Wonderboy.
Tim’s favorite holidays have always been ones where you wear hats and light things on fire.
If there are people dancing, that’s where you’ll find Tim, even now. That’s Little Sis on the right.
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