What It’s Like Driving With Tim

Here’s a recap of my car ride with Tim to Walmart yesterday:

(incoherent mumbling while staring down in his lap)

“When are the Marines gonna be here? For the war?” (I replied, no Marines, no war here)

(whispering) “She says there’s no war here. I don’t know….”

(more incoherent mumbling)

“Woooo Wooooo!!” – while making an arm motion like pulling a train whistle

(more mumbling)

“No. No. I said no.”

(mumble, mumble)

“Lights, camera, action!!”


(more mumbling, with the occasional glance at me)

“Woooo Woooo!” — with arm motion

(mumbling and head shaking….then clapping)

“No. Maybe.”

(mumbling the rest of the way)