What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

I just realized, when I logged in to write my post for today, that today is my 100th blog post.  I can’t believe I’ve been committed to something for that long.  I’m notorious for starting a project and running out of time / patience / budget / interest part way through.  I have an afghan for a friend’s child’s first birthday that sits half knit, and the child is seven.  I have handmade Christmas decorations for the family that are partially completed in a closet in the basement.  Half of my pictures are in photo albums.  The rest are in boxes in semi-chronological order.  I’ve threatened to rip the sickly, green carpet off of our stairs, but Tom always stops me, knowing we’d be walking on sub-flooring up and down for Jeebus only knows how long.  In my defense, a lot of the time there simply wasn’t time to get done what I got a few precious hours to start.  Tim’s 300 days inpatient between 2006 and 2009 means we spent nearly every fifth day on the phone to the doctor, traveling back and forth to the hospital, dealing with SASS and in family therapy.  That’s more than one day a week, four years straight.

100 posts.  Wow.  Thanks for coming along with me on my journey so far.

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