The Social Services Oxymoron


Why must I hand hold Tim’s case manager through everything?  The man has been a licensed clinical social worker employed by our county health department for at least 6 years, yet he acts as if he has never had a single client before Tim.

Two weeks ago I asked him about permanent supportive housing options for Tim when he turns 21 and his ICG grant runs out next July. He had no idea.  I gave him the names of four programs in our area I’d heard of.

He had someone in his office call them and ask, hypothetically, how they work.  HYPO-FUCKING-THETICALLY.  This isn’t hypothetical.  Tim needs an ACTUAL place to live. This dude is ACTUALLY his caseworker.

I swear, I’m starting to believe the reason the mental health system is so messed up is that the people running it all have a collective IQ smaller than my dress size.  And my dress size ain’t all that small.

My father always says, “illegitimi non carborundum,” which is Latin for, “don’t let the bastards get you down.” What’s Latin for, “don’t get mad, get even”?

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  • Anonymous October 3, 2014 at 9:17 pm

    My primary diagnoses are PTSD and a dissociative disorder. Secondary is mood disorder NOS, either bipolar or unipolar, no one is sure which, hence the NOS. DMH kept referring me to services I had mostly tried and failed (repeatedly) because they were designed for mood or personality disorders. I finally put my foot down and begged them to come up with something even half appropriate for my needs, something trauma-based and informed that would work with the dissociation. They told me this was all they had, take it or leave it. I asked if they would tell someone who had cancer and needed radiation to get better, well too bad, all we have is chemo here, take it or leave it. They didn't like the comparison. Guess who no longer gets services from DMH? I even tried getting my state reps and congress involved, all to no avail. It sucks.

  • Anonymous January 19, 2015 at 2:50 pm

    Where do I start looking for a place once my daughter turns 21. She is currently at a facility in Southern Illinois. Unfortunately, that is not going so well. I was told she needed to be at the facility at least 1 out of 30 days, or she could be kicked out. I said how can you help her if she is not there. I talked to her GAL and the States Attorney, we have a court date on Friday.

  • Chrisa Hickey January 19, 2015 at 2:51 pm

    I wish I had some advice. We haven't found anywhere for Tim yet. I'd start with your county health department of mental health services and get her a caseworker assigned. You may have HUD options in your county. We, unfortunately, don't.