Rehab Addict, Stigmatizer

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This morning, the host of a show I love tweeted this:

Happiness is a choice. just putting that out as a reminder today.
— Nicole Curtis (@NCRehabAddict) July 19, 2013

And I died a little inside.

Because I’m sure she meant it as a way to lift people up.  Instead it tore me down.  And I’m sure it wounded every one of her followers that struggles with Depression.

Because it’s not a choice for them.  
For them, it’s a disease. 
This is the stigma of mental illness. 


  1. People who have never struggled with depression don't understand it. They will say things like, "Snap out of it" or "Cheer up." Sure! If we are sad, it is much easier to cheer up but depression is a mental illness that many, even today, just don't comprehend.

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