Pooch Therapy

I have four dogs (here are three of them, snoozing).  Rosie is a 10+ year old Chocolate English Labrador.  Lola is a seven year old Chihuahua & Rat Terrier mix (not pictured).  Sydney is a two year old Silky Terrier mix, and Chloe is a two year old Goldendoodle.  I didn’t intend to have four dogs.  Lola was “planned”, but the others were all dogs someone else was too busy to care for or didn’t think was trainable.  We coexist pretty peacefully in our crowded little house.  My husband Tom is a great dog trainer, I spoil them rotten, and the kids pitch in with feeding and cleaning up after our brood.  Tom’s always worried about my soft spot for strays, though.  He jokes that I’m one dog away from becoming the Weird Dog Lady, the kind surrounded with pups of all shapes and sizes, in my dotage.
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