Out Of Touch

Tim comes home on Sunday for a visit.  While he’s home, we are going to tell him that we are going on vacation.  Without him.  In Europe.  We’re not taking any of our children.  We have spent 12 days child free in the past 22 years and, with Wonderboy all grown up, The Girl off to my sisters-in-law for the month, and Tim safely in his new RTC we figured we were due.

I’m worried about how he will take it.  Not only will he not be able to see us for 17 days, but he won’t be able to call us either.  And we talk on the phone five days a week.  We will give his RTC an emergency number to reach us at, and his brother will be in town and can act as our proxy (reminder to myself to talk to the RTC to see if he needs to sign something), but I’m most worried about Tim being out of touch for that long and how he will take it.  I’ll let you know how the talk goes next week.


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