Nickelodeon, iCarly Loses Their Minds – and Perpetuates Stigma

If you follow me on Twitter (Chrisa_Hickey) or follow the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation (bpkids) then you know about tonight’s episode of iCarly entitled, “iLost My Mind”.  It’s appalling that a kid’s TV show thinks it’s ok to poke fun at mental illness.  Here’s a preview of the episode:

I will be live blogging my reaction to the episode tonight at 8 PM Eastern / 7 Central / 5 Pacific.  Join me here and join in on the conversation.

Read CABF Executive Director Susan Resko’s blog post about tonight’s episode.

*** UPDATE***
We’re expecting storms here around air time.  If I can’t see the show because my Dish is down (as happens during a thunderstorm), I will blog during the West Coast rebroadcast.

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