Irritated and Debating

Tim’s caseworker called a few minutes ago, with Tim in his office. Tim’s had a bad second day in a row where he is argumentative in class about doing work independently.  Yesterday he was also scheduled to get a flu shot and he HATES needles.

I had Tim describe what was going on with him.  He said he’s been having bad dreams at night about aliens and they are keeping him up (caseworker confirmed he’s tired).  I asked how long he’s been having these “dreams” (it’s a crap shoot if he’s awake or asleep during them) – three or four days.

Now, I know the routine there.  They usually go to the movies on Wednesdays.  So I ask, jokingly, what did you see last week, Cowboys vs. Aliens?


Sigh.  Seriously?  They took a kid who’s been clearly unstable for several weeks to see a movie about aliens from outer space attacking Earth, and then they wonder why he’s projecting?  He’s amazingly impressionable, and while I doubt he’s been hallucinating aliens, he will fixate on the idea of them being evil and, more importantly, being a real, imminent threat.  Good job, RTC, triggering his paranoia and delusions.

Which makes me vaccilate on what to do when Tim ages out of his current RTC at 18.  Do we find another RTC where he can finish high school and stay until his ICG  grant runs out, or do we bring him home and use wrap-around services, since I get calls to figure out what’s the deal with him from the professionals anyway?


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