Gotta Go, Right Now

Pee Pee Dance
Tim isn’t having a good week. 
We’ve joked since Tim was first potty trained at age three that he has a bladder the size of a walnut.  At that age, we sort of thought that using the bathroom was new, and he was always curious, and thought that maybe he just wanted to know where the bathroom was everywhere we went, so he always used it.  Always.  Tom still swears he knows where every public restroom is along I-80 from Chicago to Salt Lake City after a vacation we took driving there one year that probably took 12 hours longer than it should have, had we not stopped at EVERY rest stop along the way.  If you’re curious, Nebraska’s got our our favorites.  
His ability to “hold it” has never really improved.  There have been times along the way where medications have contributed to his need to visit the restroom, and at several points during his childhood, we’ve consulted urologists to be sure there isn’t something physically wrong.  He’s got a clean bill of health – nothing wrong with the plumbing.  
The past several weeks has been challenging for Tim and his teacher and the RTC staff.  Tim’s request to visit the facilities is about at once very 20 minutes right now.  He’s not complaining of any pain, and he’s not drinking more fluids than usual.  He just wants to go, all the time, no matter where they are.  10 days ago when he was home, he was like this too – we went to lunch out and he visited the restroom three times in 45 minutes, twice in the half hour we were in Target, and wanted to stop on the way home.  
I’m debating the urologist, again.  But…Tim has used bathroom breaks as an avoidance technique before – as in, “how can I get out of doing school work?  Go potty!”  If he’s asked to hold it, he can – which makes me mentally rule out any kidney issues – but he is pitching a wicked fit about being asked to wait which is why he’s having a bad week. 
One of the less common but listed side effects of his medication is the frequent need to…you know.  But I have to wonder if this is a fun, new sign of some new or better developing symptom…something in the OCD area?  
I’d love to know your thoughts.  Do you have a potty frequent flier?  Have you pinpointed a cause?  

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