My post of three days ago  was intended to shed light on the coach of the Waunakee Cheer Squad and her not “understand[ing] where [those offended] are coming from,” NBC Sports’ Rick Chandler telling those offended to “lighten up” and that the Psych Ward routine should “go full speed ahead” as it is, and, finally, to share an extremely moving story with as many people as possible.

I write this blog because, one, a few years ago a therapist suggested I journal and, since I’m online all the time for work, a blog seemed as good a journal as any; two, as I reached out to other parents like me and adults with mental health concerns advocating for patients and against stigma, I realized I wasn’t alone and wanted to reach out to others; and three, get ideas and feedback from others, if anyone happened to wander across it.  Well, in this case, I was hoping lots of people would wander across this article.  I am absolutely gobsmacked at how many people  have. I don’t know why I am, except that I still need reminding that there are thousands of us out there, and my family is not in this alone.

Thank you, to everyone shedding light on a story that illustrates that stigma around mental illness is alive and well.  As of Wednesday, February 9, the story has been shared  by these wonderful mental health advocates on their blogs:

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A Teenager With Mental Illness Responds to Cheerleaders’ Stunt

The Creation of a Bully By The Oblivious – When Adults Behave Badly

More Similar Than Different

There are probably more.  If you’ve blogged about this story, please, provide a link in the comments.  Individually we are a whisper.  Together, we roar.

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