Four-Legged Victory

An appelate court in Illinois this week upheld a lower court’s decision that an autistic child could bring his therapy dog to school with him. A victory for psychiatric therapy dogs and precedent for the assistance they really do provide many children and adults with mental health issues.

That’s Chloe, our 1 year old goldendoodle in the picture up there. We also have Sydney, a 1 year old silky terrier, Lola, 5 year old rat terrier / chihuahua mix, and Rosie, our 10 year old chocolate lab. With the exception of Lola, our dogs are rescues, each with their own story and, or course, personality. Chloe is goofy but loyal to a fault. Rosie is slow, steady, and affectionate. Lola is athletic, obedient,and territorial, and Sydney is cuddly yet timid.

While not officially trained therapy dogs, our four furry companions are definitely a source of comfort, amusement, and companionship for all five of us. They soothe nerves, raise spirits, and stand guard. I can’t imagine our lives without them, or the pups here before them that we lost to illness and old age.

Tim comes home for Christmas on Wednesday, and he’s already asked, several times, if the dogs will be here. Of course they will – this is Tim’s way of expressing that he’s missed them. I fully expect Tim will need the companionship of a dog throughout his life. And, with this recent court ruling, he should be able to take a therapy dog with him wherever he goes. Hallelujah!

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