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pre·co·cious priˈkōSHəs/ adjective 1. (of a child) having developed certain abilities or proclivities at an earlier age than usual.

fac·ti·tious fakˈtiSHəs/ adjective 1. artificially created or developed. “a largely factitious national identity” synonyms: bogus, fake, specious, false, counterfeit, fraudulent

trust trəst/ noun 1. firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

Borderline Personality Disorder


  1. Here is what I get from the above post. Bonus kid is no longer living with you. Despite her precocious verbal abilities, she has some major interpersonal issues. Much of her identity is factitious and she lies a great deal.

    I'm sorry it didn't work out. BPD is truly a terrible illness/

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