Category: sad

  • Guess I’ll Go Eat Worms

    Tim’s mad because I can’t come to his basketball game this weekend. Work is full of people who express their opinion in loud, annoying tones. There’s 18 inches of snow in my yard, with 2 more inches coming on Saturday. Gah.

  • More Snow

    When the snow first started falling in late November, I remember saying, “oh, how pretty!”  Now, late January, with a cold or virus or some such crud that’s been hanging on since mid-December, rising before dawn to find a fresh new inch of snow on the driveway I have to navigate down before I slide…

  • Ray of Light

    I got the call last week I knew would come around this time. Tim’s not having a good week. He’s not sleeping much, easily agitated, and lashing out. He has a new caseworker and she wasn’t sure why. But I knew. It’s Fall. Read the rest at CABF.