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  • Mental Health News

    This week’s mental health news from around the interwebs that’s caught my eye: With Bipolar Disorder, Drinking Caffeine is Self-Medicating — Palm Beach Post Program Helps Father, Daughter, Overcome Mental Health Issues — Naples News A Mile In the Shoes of a Mentally Ill Person — Berkeley Daily Planet Mental Health Important for Children —…

  • Someday

    Tim was home for Thanksgiving for less than 24 hours. He came home 3 PM Tuesday.  My parents picked him up and brought him home. His anxiety got the better of him, and the inevitable meltdown happened.  We decided – he and Tom and I – that he (and we) would be ‘safer’ if Tim…

  • Ray of Light

    I got the call last week I knew would come around this time. Tim’s not having a good week. He’s not sleeping much, easily agitated, and lashing out. He has a new caseworker and she wasn’t sure why. But I knew. It’s Fall. Read the rest at CABF.