• A Parent’s Perspective – Elizabeth Loan

    A Parent’s Perspective – Elizabeth Loan

    Years ago I worked for a school who only served kids with moderate to severe disabilities, primarily Autism. Part of our training was a series of lectures from other health professionals, support service agencies and other assorted individuals who worked in the field. One of the trainings was titled, “A Parent’s Perspective.” It consisted of…

  • Change a Mind, Change a Life

    Tim and Green Bay Packer Greg Jennings. It was a perfect day. I can’t thank everyone enough for helping to make this happen for Tim. He’s going to remember this day for the rest of his life – not only the day he got to meet one of his idols, but the day he could…

  • Hope is Real

    I had the immense pleasure this weekend of having dinner with several folks of BringChange2Mind. They’ve all changed my life – our family’s lives – in some way. The CABF team helped pull us out of the fear and confusion we felt when Tim was first diagnosed. Susan Resko, Executive Director of CABF – without…

  • Protected: You Have 2 Open Your Mind to

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