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Not Guilty

Chrisa Hickey6 comments1856 views

I knew better, but I read the comments anyway.

“He needs the death penalty immediately!”
“Bring back public hanging!”
“Electric chair sounds nice, live on paperview.” (sic)
“Cut his balls off and feed them to him.”

I wish he had pled Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity so the public could see what a joke our mental health care system is in this country.

This is a man who went for help.

He didn’t get it.

We are ALL guilty.

My thoughts are with Robert and Arlene Holmes today, as well as the victims.  They lost their son that night in Aurora, too.

(AP / Ed Andrieski)


  1. I just discovered your blog…and I am so grateful. Thank you for being a voice for caregiving parents (my seventeen year old daughter has Schizoaffective Bipolar 1). THANK YOU!!!~Gayle


    People with the most serious forms of mental illness often go without treatment, or get inadequate treatment, even when they come in contact with elements of this convoluted community mental health system…all in the name of protecting their civil liberties…which ends up turning some into criminals…while allowing others to remain a prisoner of their own minds…

    I am so sick of this!

  3. The whole situation depresses me. The comments are just so venomous, those people will never understand what it's like to not only parent a child withe mental illness but how hard it is to get them treatment.


  4. Yes, what a sad, sad situation. People think blame will make it better, but it won't. But, most people would rather blame than take any responsibility. Until most people are willing to confront our government and tell them this is all not okay, nothing will get better. But then, that's what Parents Like Us are for, right?

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