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Bravo, Glee

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You are not your illness.

Denying your illness by not treating it keeps you from being who you were meant to be.

(note: this is last week’s entire episode – the anti-stigma portion starts at minute 46).


  1. Yayyyy! It was such a good episode in general. I'm really happy how many things they touched on, the psychiatrist scene was really well done.

    I feel this is really well timed with Cathrine Zeta Jones being "outed" as bi-polar. She handled the "scandal" really well, and the two sharing the same 15 mins of pop culture notoriety I feel is a positive thing.

    The more positive messages and well-liked characters with (accurate) mental illnesses on tv the more the stigma surrounding mental illness will fade. (I'll re-iterate what you've said before, shonda rhymes take note…)

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