1. grow up. not everyone agrees with you. grow some balls and let someone back up the poor team that doesn't deserve what they've been dealing with. you are all hyupocrits who need to learn to just live. you only live once why get so upset about so many things?

  2. Thank you Chrisa, for sharing my video and for staying strong about this issue! I am deeply touched that you would chose to share it here. I was just getting ready to link to your blog (from a new post on mine)and Erika's letter. So, I came over to visit and the first things I saw was myself! =)
    Let's not waiver, we need to keep working to get these folks at NBC to take some responsibility for their part in perpetuating the stigma! I pray, too, that the people of Waunakee, WI are seeing to it that mental health ignorance is stopped in its tracks.
    Great respect,
    Amy Kiel

  3. Yeah…Hill…if you'd read the email – or watched the video, you'd know that's Amy Kiel. Not me.

    I'm sick of it too. If NBC would censure Rick Chandler, or Rick would apologize publicly, it would be over.

  4. Thank you Chrisa, for sharing and keeping this alive. Too many times prejudicial statements are swept under the rug. Mental illness has enough stigma already for this to go unaddressed. If it was cancer or AIDs instead of mental illness, there'd be a huge public outcry. So thanks – for being an advocate, especially for those teens who probably are trying to hide any signs as it is. Keep up the good work!

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